"Don't go to the factory, set up your own business!"

"Don't go to the factory, set up your own business! You will be wasted in the foundry" - I heard this from one of the professors during my master’s defense. I was supposed to be an engineer in a factory, but I founded NoBaa. And I have never regretted it! :)

It was in 2012. Since then, the business has been growing, we are introducing new products, materials, we are getting to know new, fantastic creators.
From 2017, we focused on the production of tags and craft supplies.
From 2018 you can find us on Etsy.

Please follow our shop, we are constantly coming up with new products and we are introducing them to our Etsy Shop!

Ah, one more thing! You are wondering, what does "NoBaa" mean? - in Polish slang it is "clear" or "of course" ;)

I hope you will like our offer!

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